(4.4) The Communion Rite

Think about a special person you have known for years. Together you travelled places, enjoyed each other’s company and supported each other through good times and the worst of times.


Then that person told you that he had to travel on his own to a very special place, for you.


And then you had Supper before he left.


On that special day, everyone was excited. You took a shower, prepared yourself and then met each other. You chatted about the places that you’d been and the adventures you shared together.


A farewell party is not a party without a meal. So the table was readied and you had the most simple and yet the best meal you ever had.


As the night ends, he asked you to remember him. He also told you not to be upset because he was going the next day but he would be back again, for you.


Pause for a moment.


Think of a special person in your life who went to a special place…


From time to time that person sends you greetings, support and most important of all, he left you with memories.


Now, think of that special person as Christ.


He now invites us to attend his meal.


He communicates with us through his word and we answer to him. We give him praise and make sure that he knows that we remember what he has done for us.


Our union is sealed because we believe and eat the meal that he prepares for us.


For me this is what communion is about. It is communication and union with Christ.


He did his part, it is up to us if we accept his invitation or not.