(3.3) The Gospel Acclamation/Alleluia

Liturgical Prayer and Action


The entire assembly stands to sing the Alleluia or Gospel Acclamation in preparation for the Gospel.


At the same time, the priest or deacon takes the Book of Gospels from the altar to the lectern.



Origin and Meaning


Alleluia means “Praise the Lord” and is sung except during Lent. In Psalms, the word Hallelujah is traditionally used in the beginning and in the end of the songs.


In the New testament, Alleluia is found in Revelation 19:1-7 and is a joyful expression by angels praising God for his work of Salvation.


During Lent, Alleluia is not preferred as it is a joyful song which does not reflect the solemn and sombre mood of this period of penitential preparation for Easter. Prayers chosen from the Verse before the Gospel of the Lectionary can be sung which consist of praises to Christ.