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(2.21) Sign of the Cross as a Gesture

The Sign of the Cross has evolved over time and can be done with the use of five fingers (representing the five wounds of Christ), with a thumb only, with three fingers together (thumb, index and middle finger) or again with three fingers together (thumb, ring and baby finger) with the index and middle finger pointing upward.


Whichever position our fingers take, the Sign of the Cross is ideally done as Fr. Guardini suggested,"When we cross ourselves, let it be with a real sign of the cross. Instead of a small cramped gesture that gives no notion of its meaning, let us make a large unhurried sign, from forehead to breast, from shoulder to shoulder, consciously feeling how it includes the whole of us, our thoughts, our attitudes, our body and soul, every part of us at once. how it consecrates and sanctifies us."