(2.33) Greeting (Option C)

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(2.33) Greeting (Option C)

The Priest says:

The Lord be with you.


Origin and Meaning


"The Lord be with you" is often used in the New Testament but has its origin from the Old Testament.


It was used as a greeting of generosity for these were the words uttered by Boaz, a field owner, so that Ruth may glean on his land (Ruth 2:4).


Between Jonathan and David it was a pact of brotherly love and friendship when Jonathan  made a plan to help David escape from the wrath of his own father, King Saul (Sam 20:13).


When a task seems insurmountable and daunting, David used the same words when he summoned Solomon to do something that the Lord has denied upon him: to build the house of God (Chr 22:11).